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About ClydeValley Media Inc.

Clyde Valley Media provides a strategic Marketing, Business Development and Capital services for clients in Geophysics, Geology, Nuclear physics, Geothermal, Geotechnical and Mine Engineering sectors. The team provides a range of experience in Mining, Oil/Gas and related service industries; with over 20 years of business development, marketing, capital and expertise in key geographic markets in Canada, the US, throughout Africa, the Middle East and Asia.  

Listening to market shifts and pulses provides ClydeValley the ability to build targeted network events. Examples from ClydeValley's experience includes:

  • Mining-4 Excellence ( a global Mining symposia group with over 400 participants challenging subjects facing industry growth and development
  • Mining-4-Beer ( a global social networking group in Canada, the US, South Africa, Peru and Australia with over 800 participating members

Cllient campaigns drive::
  • Attention
  • Awareness
  • Action

Our Marketing approach will:
  • Find your prospects
  • Convert prospects to buyers